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What a wallet means to a man – a handbag means to a woman. However with the plethora of options available today ranging from clutches to jholas to slings to messenger bags, the task of choosing the right bag with the correct attire can be a tad too tedious. But your woes end here, as this post shall decode the must-haves in your collection along with the corresponding outfits that do justice to this much needed accessory. So read on to make a more conscious decision before you go bag shopping the next time.

1) Clutch : One of the smallest varieties of bags available, a clutch is a must have in any bag collection. Big enough to store your money, keys, gloss,etc and small enough to make a style statement, a clutch is perfect for those few hours out with friends. You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs available in the market. Opt for bright colored ones like fuchsia, canary yellow, electric blue,etc to add oomph to the simplest of your outfits. For the fall/winter season clutches  in tweed, jute material are the best buy .
2) Sling purse : The latest trend currently is the sling clutch and if you still don’t own one, you can rest assured that its time! A slightly bigger variety of the clutch, the sling purse has a leather or a bracelet looking delicate strap attached to the purse. This means that you have your hands free all through the day while the basic essentials including your cell phone are tucked in safely. Choose from the brighter looking sling purses for the day while for the night-out you can opt for a classic leather piece with embellishments. If you do not wish to experiment, a black, cream or tan leather sling purse will never let you down and thats a promise.
3) Hobo bag : An elegant outfit for that lunch can fall flat without the correct bag. A hobo bag can be your companion on such occasions.  A hobo bag is characterized by its crescent  shape, small handle and a zippered top. The most common variety of bag owned by women, this is a must have in your collection.With the mind boggling options to choose from in terms of color and material, you will be definitely spoiled for choice.
4) Bucket bag : As the name suggests, this bag is shaped in the form of a bucket and is the ideal bag to own if you cant help but take your world around with you wherever you go! A bag that promises ample space, you can throw everything into this bag without having to compromise. You can choose from the zippered top or an open top variety.
5) Tote bag : A tote bag can be termed as an everyday bag which you can carry to your college, a shopping trip to run a few errands, a lazy afternoon out, etc. These bags can save you the hassle of dealing with the zipper. And what i like most about the tote bag is the awe inspiring variety available. From tote bags bursting with colors, to carrying a message you believe in , there is a tote bag which defines everyone.
6) Satchel bag : A structured bag with pockets, a well built inside, handle, lock – a satchel bag is clear winner for those who like to keep it simple yet striking. The many compartments give you ample opportunity to neatly secure everything in an organised fashion. Satchels are big and small. The tan leather satchels top the list.
7) Jholas : Closer home the jholas are a must have in your collection. Available in a variety of colors and ranging from silk to mirror embellished, they can add a rustic look to your oldest pair of jeans and ganjis. Team with kurtis, mojris, kolhapuris..the possibilities are endless.
So now go ahead and arm yourselves with these must-have bags and face any day confidently! :)
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Much love, kavya

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