First look :)

This is my first post under the section ‘Fashion Diary’  and i am really excited! Hope you enjoy reading this :)
A basic cotton dress is something that every girl has in her wardrobe. However when i was working on this look i wanted to turn around the whole concept of western dresses usually styled to attain a corresponding western look.
The following look is thus a result of breaking free from the clichéd norms of styling.
Get out all the stored bangles off your shelves and team it with your dress.
Tip – Mix colored, glass or metal bangles with your oxidized lot. It adds a whole new character while making a style statement.
Borrow those typically indian jhumkas or embellished silver earrings from your mom and you will be surprised to see what they can do to your outfit !
( I have a fetish for earrings and can boast of having the most versatile collection, so kindly excuse me for being biased towards this piece of accessory :) )
A messy braid as i have in this picture is the best hairstyle to compliment this look.
The messier the braid – the higher the style quotient.
Make sure you use a lot of kohl to accentuate your eyes with a dash of gloss on your lips  .
You can also opt for a striking neck-piece instead of earrings along with bangles for this look.
But make sure that you don’t go overboard by pairing the neck-piece with matching earrings. The trick is to stay loyal to the western sensibilities of the outfit while adding indian charisma to the look.
I completely adore these payals for the very reason that they bring the much required definition and persona to so many of my outfits.
Give the modern version of payal – anklets a miss and opt for these authentic payals for this look.
Innovative accesorizing can add a whole new element and edge to any piece of your wardrobe. But the secret lies in sometimes letting yourself go against the tide, breaking a few rules on the way and experimenting. And the results as you see can be pretty striking!
Do let me know how you liked this look.
Many more looks coming your way under this category so watch out!!
Much love,

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