French Braid

Its the festive season and the only time you get to wear your Indian best. I would like to share with you this post  where i had recently styled my friend’s hair for a similar occasion.
Get your hair plaited in a french braid. Its simple yet intricate nature will give you an edge over the rest. And since you now have your hair tied back neatly you don’t have to worry about keeping your hair in place all through that party.
Moreover a french braid means you can get out your drop or chandelier earrings! This hairstyle is apt to highlight your earrings or a brilliant neck piece.
For styling her hair I had used this studded hair accessory.
Hair accessories can go a long way in adding a dash of glam to your look. You can choose from a wide range of accessories available in the market, ranging from simple to color specific to studded pieces (like the one above) to match your outfit.
However make sure that if you are trying to make a style statement with your hair accessory avoid heavy jewelery.
Focus on either the statement hair accessory or if you are a jewelery person keep the hair accessory to the bare minimum.
A french braid, hair accessory and bangles…she looked rather resplendent for the entire affair :)
Do try the look with your own touch and mail me the pictures!
Till then see ya!

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