Manicured Nails

Ever found yourself filled with awe and a twinge of envy at the sight of your best friend’s well manicured nails from that high end salon you would never visit ? Then this post is for you :)

In this post i shall let out a few secrets that manicurists inevitably use to get those perfectly painted immaculate nails. So get reading and discover for yourself!
1) It is extremely important to completely remove the previously applied nail paint with a nail polish remover before using a new shade.
Tip : Even if your nails are free from previously used nail polish, wiping your nails with a cotton ball moistened with nail polish remover will remove all the accumulated dirt, dust and oils. As a result your nail paint looks smoother and lasts longer.
2) A problem that every girl faces after applying nail paint is removing the nail paint accumulated on the skin at sides of the nails, which is quite a task!  A simple way to avoid this is to apply Vaseline onto the cuticles before you start. This will prevent the nail paint from settling on the skin besides moisturizing and softening it.
3) Applying a base coat before applying the nail paint helps the nail paint last longer as it smoothens the nail bed while making sure that the nail paint adheres better.
4) A minimum of two coats of nail paint and a maximum of three is ideal for the best color results.
5) Completing the nail paint with a top coat gives the nails a salon-like shine while protecting it from chipping and flaking.
6) Adequate drying time between the application of  base coat, nail paint and top coat is a must.  Or the result is blotchy and messy looking nails which certainly gets a thumbs down.
Tip – Run hands in cold water to help speed up the processes of nail paint drying.
7) The trick is to apply thin and smooth layers of coats in opposition to thick coats. This practice will give you smooth looking, longer lasting painted nails with an unbelievable sheen.
8 ) Last but not the least regularly moisturize your hands to keep them soft and supple. This ritual should definitely not be given a miss now with the winter fast approaching.
So what are you waiting for?
Salon-manicured nails is a thing of the past..go flaunt your home painted nails to that best friend and tell me her reaction!
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