Tips for healthy hair

Your mane is your crowning glory.  And to maintain the shine of your tresses can be quite a cumbersome task given the hectic lifestyles we lead. The following tips are a way to combat the most common issues addressed to me by my clients. I hope these easy to follow tips prove useful in your hair care regimen.

1) Before you wash your hair make sure you run a brush through your hair or gently massage the scalp with your finger tips. This helps in dislocating the settled flakes on your scalp, while enhancing the blood flow at the same time.
2) Before applying oil to the scalp, warming it to a desirable temperature can go a long way in stimulating the hair follicles.
3) I have seen a lot of my friends wash their hair with hot water. This practice is essentially damaging to the hair. Always use cold water to rinse your hair, as this will close the hair cuticles preventing frizziness , leaving your hair shiny.
4) Wet hair needs a little more care as it is more elastic and thus snaps easily. Always use a wide toothed comb while combing wet hair and avoid tying your hair when it is wet.
5) If you have really dry and frizzy hair, leave-in conditioners can be your life saver ! Indulging your hair with monthly deep conditioning treatments is advisable for all hair types.
6) Before using any hot appliances like a hair straightener, curler, tong rod make sure you coat your hair with a hair protecting serum. The damage done otherwise is reasonably long lasting.
7) Regular hair cuts and trims ( once every two months ) is the most important step towards maintaining healthy hair. Nobody appreciates long hair but with unkempt split ends.
P.S : Hair conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hair serums,etc are NEVER to be applied to the scalp, but only on the length of your hair!
( As a hairstylist i shudder when my clients tell me that they do so – this can result in dandruff and flaky scalp besides numerous other problems )
So, follow these basic steps while dealing with your hair and notice the difference!
Bad hair days will be a thing of yesterday.
If you have any questions or any other suggestions regarding this area or otherwise feel free to leave your comments here.
Wish you all a great week ahead !
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  1. Snaps and Scoops at 8:22 am

    I got my hair straightened two yr back. I had curly hair before and did not take care of my hair as I do today. Now I use conditioners and a good shampoo. But I am not getting my curly hair back. Its wavy now. Will I never get my curly hair back?

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