Clean ‘em up !

Its that time of the year when you get all your hoarded make up out and revel in using them on your face without guilt !

However what most of us conveniently forget is to clean the make up brushes after use. Make up brushes easily collect dirt, bacteria, oils, etc and using the same on your skin can prove quite hazardous leading to skin irritation, allergies. While some of you may think that cleaning make up brushes is a hassle and pretty cumbersome, i get to you a few tips that will make you think otherwise.

1) The most basic and easiest way of keeping your make up brushes clean is to wipe the brushes with a fresh baby wipe after use. This will not only remove the oils and make up residue from your brushes but also keep them fresh and ready to use for the next time.
2) Soak your make up brushes in a solution of water, any mild shampoo and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is known for its anti – fungal properties and will keep your brushes free from bacteria. However make sure to not leave your brushes in this solution for too long. After removing  the brushes from the solution, rinse them in clear running water.
( You can also use a clarifying face wash instead of a shampoo to prepare the above solution if you desire )
3) Take a bowl and mix two part vinegar and one part water. Soak your brushes in this solution and rinse after a while. I bet you will be amazed at how effective this is solution is.
4) To dry the brushes keep them on a clean towel and pat the bristles dry gently. Do not scrub the bristles hard as they may loose their shape. Once you have soaked all the excess water from the brushes, mold the bristles back into shape. This helps in retaining the original shape of the bristles of your brushes.
5) Keeping the brushes flat on a surface is advisable in opposition to making them stand vertically to dry. Do not use the brushes until they are completely dry.
So this said, vow that you shall not treat your make up brushes with spite any longer and give them a little more love and care.
Do tell me if you face any other issues that you would want me to address in this section, as this blog is all about reaching out and helping you guys !
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P.s : Working on a studio shoot scheduled this week! Cant wait to share the pictures with you all !!
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