Styling The Classic Red Pout

Firstly I want to thank each one of you for the inspiring and positive feed back related to the previous post on ‘Victorian Vintage Winter’. All the comments, mails and messages truly make my day and motivate me to get for you only the best. Also its heartening to answer all your personal queries and doubts related to fashion, what-to-wear, shopping destinations,etc via mail. Keep them coming in at and i will continue to answer all of them gladly!

So as promised in the earlier post , I am here to clear the air surrounding ‘ The Classic Red Pout’ with a few easy to follow tips and suggestions which will not only maximize the effect of your red pout but also help you exploit this timeless staple in the world of cosmetics to its extreme. So read on to be the diva in spotlight this party season!
Keep the following tips in mind when wearing your lips red –
  • Keep your eye make up minimal to balance your red lips. Heavy eye make up can take away the attention from your lips and the end result is a caked up look which definitely gets a thumbs down. To get this subtle yet classic look add a dash of mascara to your eyes to accentuate them, while keeping the make-up on the rest of your face as close to natural. If experimenting with red lips for the first time, this look is highly recommended.
  • ‘If you are the one who likes it bold and daring then this dark and highly stylish look is for you. Depending on your skin color ( see post ‘The Classic Red Pout’ to know your shade of red), go a shade or two darker with the red on your lips and create drama with your eye make-up. Smoky eyes with smudged eye liner in shades of charcoal will give you an edge. Complete this look with oodles of attitude and unleash your persona.
  • Red lips are best teamed with chic or elegant outfits. It is a highly sophisticated shade and should thus compliment your outfit well. Think classy dresses, full length gowns, chic tops paired with trousers or high waisted skirts for the night out. Neutral colored outfits are best for the statement making red lips. Your LBD (Little Black Dress) can never go wrong with red lips either. Avoid pairing red lipstick with a matching red outfit, as it can look a tad too over the top.
  • Styling your hair correctly with red lips will win you those extra brownie points! Messy hair do is a strict no – no with this classy look. Wear your hair straight or in perfect waves/curls when leaving it open. Managing your hair open all through the party so not your thing? Tie back your hair neatly in a slick pony and see the wonders it can work. A hair up do is perfect for full length gowns and dresses.
  • If the day requires you to play it stylish then too you can fearlessly paint your lips red with a casual tee and skinny jeans. Tower over the rest with heels. Teaming red lips with red nail paint can be a smart and stylish option, provided your outfit doesn’t clash with the bold and daring red. Other accessories that you can team your red pout with are clutch, pumps, belt, etc. However, avoid going ” all matching” and remember to keep the outfit simple if doing so !
Now that these two posts have made you more aware about the right reds for your lips in accordance with your complexion and the various possibilities red lips can be teamed with , don’t shy from experimenting. Keep these few tips in mind and don the trend of all seasons this Christmas or New Year’s eve !
Word of caution : Be prepared for compliments galore!
Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year,

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