A Hairstylist’s Woes,Testimony and Recommendations

Your mane is your crowning glory. Nothing speaks beauty like gorgeous tresses. While a great haircut is the first step to attain this, coloring your hair can bring life and vibrancy to your hair. It is a great way to bring about a breath-taking change to your sense of style sans great efforts. However I have often noticed that most of my clients are hesitant when it comes to hair color. The eon old notion ‘coloring ones hair damages it’  has irked me enough to try and dispel this myth by dedicating a post solely to this topic. So here it is !

First things first, hair color DOES NOT damage your hair – provided it is done in the right manner by a professional hairstylist, using professional hair colors. In fact the end result is always stunning and will leave you wanting to color your hair every few months.
If a personal testimony counts, then here it is! I first got my hair colored when I was in standard seven ( Yes, I have always been passionate about hair and its not surprising to many that I am a hairstylist today + it helps to have a mom from the same field :D ) Since then I have tried almost all shades of hair color ranging from auburn to mahogany, walnut to sun kissed brown, burgundy to iridescent, blonde highlights to red streaks….! My current love is two week old Mocha Brown and i LOVE it to say the least :) And to calm your wrecking nerves the quality of my hair has NOT deteriorated in any way and no I am NOT going bald and my hair did NOT turn grey post coloring! (P.s : The usual questions I am bombarded with )
Assuming that you no longer harbor any horrendous myths as mentioned above here are a few options that you can choose from to best suit your style and personality.
Tempting Brunettes : The safest bet if you are coloring your hair for the first time, a great range of mesmerizing browns await you. Brown hair not only adds a dash of subtle hue to your hair but also accentuates Indian features. While its relatively subtle a change, the options of styling brown tresses are innumerous. You can choose from the lighter variety of browns ( Walnut, Auburn, Browns with a golden reflect ) to give your hair a rich texture or opt for the darker shades ( Chocolate, Cocoa, Birch ) depending on the look you desire. Browns look fab on all skin colors and the glazed look is all you need to shine away each day.
Daring Red locks : There was a time when I drooled over the brilliant shades of red and refused to change my hair shade to any other family of color. Red is a vivacious color and looks astonishingly brilliant on dusky tones. While it is a little more daring  than the brown family, the change is worth it. If you wish to try this shade, Mahogany and Burgundy are highly recommended by me. They belong to the deeper red variety with highly rich results on all hair types and are not overwhelming to the eye. If you are more experimental in your approach the Cinnamon and Chestnut should top your list. The scarlet tones contrast and thus compliment ones features admirably.
Highlights : Highlightes are a great way to add some spice to your look. Highlights consist of  thick or thin strands of hair that are colored two-three shades lighter than the overall hair color. You can choose to highlight your hair in a range of shades – not necessarily blonde. They look great if done professionally and can work as a positive change. The best part about getting highlights is the degree to which you can experiment when you style your hair!
Multi Toned Tresses : A hairstylist’s delight – getting your hair colored in two-three shades of similar color can look unbelievably stunning. The end result is awe inspiring as your hair will reflect a different shade from every angle. You can choose three colors of the same family or opt for one shade from a different family while sticking to two colors of the same family. However, to get the perfect results it is extremely important to have a hairstylist who masters the art of chunking, sectioning and coloring. Provided that you are sure about this, multi toned tresses get a definite thumbs up!
Keep the following tips in mind before going for a hair color –
  • A good hairstylist makes all the difference when it comes to hair color. Make sure you go to a well trained stylist who is abreast with the latest trends and of course adept at the basics of hair coloring.
  • Always consult your hairstylist before making the final choice. Two way communication is a must to ensure the best results.
  • Insist on being informed about the brands that will be used. Its always safer to go to a good salon, be assured of high quality products used and spend a few extra bucks than going to a random place down the street to save money.
  • Ask the stylist for tips on hair care post color and follow them. (They are very easy to follow and take no extra time and effort)
  • Don the new you with oodles of confidence and watch the difference it makes :)
Give it a try and you will love the new you !
Much love,
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