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This is one post that has been a helluva ride.  Zeroing in on the concept,  playing with the color palette, working on the hair-do and make up…. it has been a great learning experience. From fashion blogging and showcasing personal fashion to working hands on as a stylist, the transition has been truly marvelous as also equally demanding. It is with this shoot that I got a chance to channelize my creativity and zest for styling. The abstract became definite, the unfathomed was now tangible. And its is only after this shoot that I have come to realize that there are perhaps only a few things that I enjoy as much as being a stylist.
Working patiently till the last strand of hair is set in place, romancing the fabrics and colors, touching and retouching the arch of the brow, staining the lips till they are the perfect pink…..and finally watching what was once a fleeting vision stand afore your eyes, flooded by lights on four sides. This is where I belong.
I want to thank Michelle Kynta – the most beautiful model I could have ever asked to work with. If not for her complete trust in my skills and innate desire to experiment,  I would have never managed to achieve this results. ( Can never forget Michelle’s eyes struck with disbelief when I briefed her about the look, especially the hair-do and make up ;) ) But, as expected she floored me with her confidence and charm.
Secondly, I fail to have enough words to thank Nikhil Nair for the great support he has been to me with his photography skills right from the launch of my blog. It is his perseverance and patience coupled with great talent that I have been able to get for you all the posts under ‘Fashion Diary‘. This look would have simply been one of the many transient visions of my creative pursuit if not for him.
My first assignment as a stylist for a studio shoot, I am thrilled to share the pictures with you all and know what you guys think.
P.S : As you can see to your right, I am now on Twitter and you can follow me there :)
Till then much love,
Model: Michelle Kynta
Photography : Nikhil Nair
Concept, Styling, Hair, Make up : Me ( Kavya D’Souza)

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