Six Nail Paint Picks To Last The Year

Nail polish is a never-let-you-down accessory !

How painted nails can add character to any outfit is a fact accepted and often celebrated. While there are changing styles and recommended colors each season, I bring to you my pick of six nail paint trends that will see you through the year rather stylishly.
A red nail paint is a must have in every girls collection. It is a color that will probably never lose its charm. A formal event that you need to attend or a casual day out, red is the color that will add the right amount of oomph to your ensemble. You can choose from the classic red, coral red, plums or branch out to the deeper shades. Bold and strong, red is the definitely way to go.
When you are not too sure about the flamboyance of red, you can tone it down with the nudes and pearls. Perfect for outfits that are colorful and vibrant, pearls and nudes work best for everyday office wear too. The best part about nude nail paints is the ‘manicure-like’ effect they have. Pearl and nude nail paints work equally well on both long and short nails and is the smartest way to play it safe while keeping it stylish.
A color loved by many but not all, pinks are unbelievably versatile. Be it spring or summer, pink nails add a pop of color to the dullest of outfits. Choose either from the lighter shades like baby pink or go darker with a hot pink – you are a winner any which way!
Dare to go dark and darker with your nail polish and watch the difference. Easy to team with all outfits, dark painted nails grab the right amount of attention. Also dark nails look fabulously chic on short nails. Black, Purple, Navy Blue, Chocolate Brown…..which is your shade?
It is truly fascinating how the shades of  bright and neon nail paints can lift anybody’s spirits. They look stunning on all complexions and add vibrancy to any outfit. Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Fuchsia….there are a plethora of options you can choose from. My current favorite is a bottle of newly purchased Bright Orange as it miraculously adds spunk to basic everyday wear, while looking wow at all times.
Silver, Bronze, Copper, Gold… metallics have been around for  quite sometime now. They are ideal to add a glam factor to your outfit. Besides party wear these metallic shades also work well with Indian outfits. Choose a shade that compliments your skin tone.
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So that’s all from me for now!
Have a favorite shade that you swear by? Share with others by leaving a comment below.
Much love,
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