Jumpsuit Love

Today my internship with Fashion Bombay took me to Wills Lifestyle for an event encouraging young fashion designers. The evening witnessed the brewing of a fresh outlook towards fashion, with aspiring fashion designers showcasing their talent and creativity. Interesting designs, some out of the box silhouettes, a strong flavor of traditional techniques of Indian embroidery were the highlights of the show. The most fascinating part was the insightful interpretations of the theme ‘India First’ by the contestants. The  budding designers focused on different aspects of India like Popular Culture, Taj Mahal,  Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry, etc to draw an inspiration for their creations. In all it was a fun evening and a great learning experience.

While I accompanied Sonu from Fashion Bombay ( Jasleen you were missed), we managed to click a few pictures on our way back.
This is what I wore for the event. My latest purchase, I absolutely am in love with this navy blue jumpsuit. Besides being unbelievably comfortable, jumpsuits also look quite trendy and are extremely versatile. While today I added gold jewelery and neutral hues to this jumpsuit, I can see myself wearing it with bright colors the next time.
Keep the following tips in mind when rocking this trend –
  • Invest in a piece that you can mix and match with to create a different look each time.
  • If a formal event, add a belt or blazer to attain a sophisticated touch along with a pair of heels. Wear pearls or studded rings to complete the look.
  • For a casual look, get out your oxfords and add a vest for a laid back look. Pair with a sling bag.
  • If on the shorter side, you can choose vertical stripes to create an illusion of height. For the ones on the heavier side, opt for busy prints instead of one solid color.
  • Cuffs, bangles, bracelets, kadas all when teamed together will instantly pep up any outfit. More is less when it comes to junk  jewelry.
Photography by the very awesome Sonu :)
To see what she wore to the event click Here.
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