Time To Tame Your Hair!

Off late I have received several query mails with reference to hair problems and hair care. Realizing how mane issues trouble a vast majority, a post on the ‘must haves’ in your hair care treasure chest was long awaiting.
So here is a list of five basic hair care essentials that will help you counter all your tress related worries!
1. Shampoo: As taken for granted as it may sound on the list of must-haves, a right shampoo can work wonders for your hair! The trick here is to identify your hair type correctly and then use a shampoo in accordance. So using a shampoo intended for dry or oily hair will help you work your natural hair better than using the one-for-all shampoo. Also with the boom in hair care industry, there is absolutely no dearth of shampoos specifically tailor made to pamper your colored, permed, straightened or relaxed hair. So if you have invested in getting a chemical treatment for your hair, do not ignore the usage of a recommended shampoo by your stylist.
2. Conditioner: A hair conditioner is an absolute must after washing your hair clean with a shampoo. Many of my clients have expressed how they perceived conditioners to be only an optional add-on. However the fact is that the application of a conditioner is extremely necessary after every shampoo wash as it closes back the hair cuticles that open on hair shampooing. Conditioners ensure a smooth and frizz free result.
3. Leave-in Conditioners: I swear by live-in conditioners and absolutely recommend them. Leave -in conditioners are ideally to be applied when your hair is moist after wash. The conditioner penetrates deep to lock the moisture in your hair, leaving your hair extremely manageable with a healthy shine. Also when you are facing a bad hair day, a small quantity of leave in conditioner dabbed onto the lengths of your hair can magically work wonders!
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4. Heat Protection Serum: A heat protection serum is a must have in your hair care essentials. Every time you blow dry, straighten or use hot rollers on your hair, you subject it to the styling heat. The high temperature will deteriorate your hair quality if a protection serum isn’t used. So do remember to use a serum on your hair before styling the next time.
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5. Hair oils: Thanks to the chemical alternatives and the busy schedules, hair oils are often given a skip these days. But a hot oil massage once a week will not only relax and rejuvenate your scalp, but will also prevent dandruff while promoting hair growth. Try the following combination of oils to give your hair a natural shine and healthy glow.
  • Virgin coconut oil – 3 tsp
  • Almond oil – 1 tsp
  • Olive oil – 1 tsp
  • Castor oil – 1/2 tsp
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Hope this post helps!
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