‘Behind The Scenes’ of Streak Hue Fall!

“Who is the face behind the photographs on Streak Hue Fall?

What goes into the final pictures that you see under Fashion Diary?
How does the ‘before, during and after’ of fashion shoots look like?”
If these questions have ever crossed your mind…then brace yourself.
For this post is all about what happens “behind the scenes’!!
Get set to have glimpse into the making of Streak hue Fall – unedited.
Working on last minute improvisations before the camera goes flashing!
If you read this post and believed that Krystle was an ideal demure Victorian with her mannerisms in place…think again!
My first outfit shoot for Streak Hue Fall.
Will always remain special :)
If you ever alluded my petite structure to ‘a strict diet’, this should bust your myth!
This is the aftermath of what you saw here.
Working on hair and makeup while the technical issues are being sorted.
While I was toiling with the costumes now, Nikhil was laboriously working towards the perfect light settings.
Touching up the few strands of hair gone astray in between the shots.
One of the candid pictures that did not make the cut for the final post you read here.
Sharing a laugh at the end of shoot while removing makeup.
Michelle looked gorgeous with the soft waves – an after result of the hair up-do!
Me: Photography credit – Nikhil Nair
You:But what does this Nikhil Nair look like?!!
This is the handsome (only in this picture mind you) man behind all the pictures on Streak Hue Fall.
So all you followers who have repeatedly questioned me about his whereabouts, now have a face to associate with the photography credits ;)
Do visit Nikhil Nair Photography to check some brilliant shots of wildlife, portraits, travel and much more!
p.s: Have you joined the Streak Hue Fall Page for your regular dose of summer fashion?
Much Love,

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