D-I-Y Summer Fashion

I absolutely love D-I-Y fashion! Not only cause the process almost always calls for a fun experience but also for the sheer exclusivity of the end product. Thus for obvious reasons the thought of doing a post enlisting quick d-i-y fashion tips apt for this season seemed rather interesting. So here are a few ideas that you can easily incorporate and have fun with this summer!

1) Shorts: Shorts top almost every girls ‘must-haves’ this season. But lets wear the boring old denim or cotton shorts with a twist!
♥ Raid your knick-knacks and you are sure to find an array of embellishments like sequins, lace, crochet, etc. Work these creatively on your denim shorts to create a whole new avatar.
♥ Buttons from your old tops and shirts? Do not throw them away. They can go a great way in jazzing up the back pockets of your cotton shorts.
♥ The magic that you can work with the snap of a scissor is beyond wow! A bit of patience and skill is all you need to rip your shorts and add that oomph factor.
2) BroochesI love brooches as they instantly add charm to almost anything you pin it onto. A great way to jazz up the most basic of your casuals and accessories, brooches call for a great d-i-y.
♥ Pin on a large floral or psychedelic brooch to your tote bag, and you are set to create a statement this season.
♥ Delicate brooches when teamed with  jackets or dresses will glam them instantly.
3) Flip-FlopsThough not a great fan of flip-flops personally, when d-i-y-ed they can give even the most stylish of footwear a run for its money. Also they score high on the comfort level this season.
♥ Think pearls, sequins, studs, shimmer…and set out to break all rules.
♥ To add an ethnic touch to your flip-flops, choose from embroidered borders. There is a mind boggling range available in the market and you will be spoiled for choice.
4) Head Gears: I love hair accessories! With the summer setting in, smart d-i-y head gears will not only help you stay in style but also combat the scorching heat of the sun.
♥ You might want to put away your stoles and scarves considering the rising temperature, but think again. A printed or block colored stole can double up as a statement head band and get you the right attention.
♥  Go through your accessory box. The old junk that you don’t see yourself wearing in future can be glued to your clips and hairbands to give its existence a whole new meaning.
So what do you think about this post?
D-I-Y fashion – Love or Shun??
Would love to hear your innovative ideas too!!
Until the next outfit post,
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