Kaleidoscopic Vision

Its been a rather eventful and stressful week.

I have holidayed in the Restoration Age, romanced Dryden, Pope and Shakespeare, been haunted endlessly by the phonetic script, procrastinated over the Plato and Aristotle debate and finally conquered the Anglo Saxon English…all in a week!
To add to the already sensationalized one week, I also won the Style Icon of the month at Style Pile!!  *woot woot* And….Streak Hue Fall has crossed 20,000 hits in five months!!
A big thank you to everyone for sparing time to read posts, leave comments, send me mails and to the many others who just drop by :)
Now to a quick outfit post!
I had been itching to wear these bright fuchsia leggings since a while now…and when I saw this skirt, yes skirt, I knew that I had to experiment.
So here it is, a skirt worn as a tunic top with the daring fuchsia bottom. Also my love for bangles was satiated when I got to heap an array of colors to match the intricate work on the lower half of the skirt.
Photography: Nikhil Nair
What do you think of reinventing your wardrobe staples in an innovative way?
On a parting note,  do check out the end product of a recent shoot for Style Speak where I assistedFashion Bombay. Click here to view the pictures.
Till the next *fun* post,

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