As I sit to write this post, the half awakened chirp of  birds outside my window suggests that morning is about to grace the day. Witnessing the break of dawn is certainly not my definition of joy and I seldom have the pleasure of appreciating it. So what keeps me up you ask?  The impending University Examinations is thy answer. Precisely two days away now, burning the midnight oil will keep me preoccupied for the whole of next month.

Having cocooned in my room for the last one month I have only been fantasizing about indulging in a much needed shopping spree. Besides I am also on a break from my internship with Fashion Bombay and how I miss working can be the subject matter of yet another post! So without ranting any further about the melancholy that engulfs me, here are a few things I am lusting over and cant wait to lay my hands on.
1) Classic Ray Ban Aviators: Summer is here and I have been lusting over Ray Ban aviators like never before. Since they instantly add an oomph factor to the most basic of summer staples, this is definitely my first buy post examinations!
2) Colored Shoes: I was never a shoe person till about a while ago and this short span of time has witnessed a quick expansion of my shoe collection. What tops my current list of to-buy shoes is a fuchsia, coral and blue pair. No matter how repelled my mom sounds at the name of these colors, I cant wait to own these candy colored drops of joy!
3) LBD: I am sure to have raised a few eyebrows at the mention of Little Black Dress. Perfectly aware that LBDs are a tad too overrated and do not qualify as summer staples, I feel the dire need to own one.
Two reason to convince you-
a. I can boast of owning an insane number of dresses, (yes they are my first love) and my collection wouldn’t be complete without an LBD.
b. There are an array of accessories that currently scream an LBD for companion.
4) Lip Color: My quest for the perfect shade of pink that will instantly add a pop of color to my summer outfits continues. This time I am determined to make a choice and would be exalted if you can help me!
5) Tan Satchel: While I have spotted a few that I love, all it needs is time (read post examinations) to go and make a buy.
Can’t wait for this month to fly past. A great many things to look forward to!
As my friend T.S.Eliot says
” There will be time,
There will be time.
Time for you and time for me.”
On this note I say Au Revoir!!
P.S: Would love to know what is on your lust list! :)
Picture Courtesy: Google Images

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