The Fabulous Life Of Not So Rich And Infamous and Season’s Hottest Lip Colors.

A post that I have been long waiting to publish,

Presenting to you Tanvi from The Fabulous Life Of Not So Rich And Infamous.
If you are a part of the blogosphere, you are one of her followers and if you are not, then you will be compelled to be one after you check her blog.
Besides having a great sense of style that is not governed by current trends, what sets her apart from the several bloggers is her highly individuated opinion, not garbed in pretense. Also if you have those extra kilos waiting to be shed, she can very well prove to be your muse, considering the fitness fanatic that she is. So do check her blog to get a glimpse into her rightly called ‘fabulous’ life for your dose of fashion, fitness, humor and life as it is.
Moving on to the post, bright lip colors are a raging trend this season. Pink, plum, fuchsia, red, mauve, orange…its all about flaunting these vibrant colors and letting your pout do the talking.
Still not confident?
See how Tanvi wears with elan the colors that are ruling this season with some easy to follow tips by me.
♥ Orange is a bright youthful shade, wear your face fresh and dewy to maximize the impact of this color,
♥ For your eyes use a simple black eyeliner on your upper lash line, and finish off with mascara. Steer away from bright eyeshadow.
♥ If wearing this color for a day out, you can add a tinge of blush to your cheeks. For the night a hint of bronze (as it will add warmth and reduce the contrast between your skin color and lip color) can work wonders.
Hot Pink
♥ Hot pink lips can effortlessly transform the most basic of your outfits with its inherent drama. Pair it with everyday casuals or Indian wear to create a statement.
♥ Make sure that the rest of your makeup is subdued, and not competing with the bright pink lips.
♥ For your eyes try mascara without liner or opt for neutrals/taupes for the eyeshadow that will blend effortlessly with your skin tone.
Click here and here for tips on finding your perfect shade of red lipstick and also on how to style those daring red lips with your outfits.
Hope you guys like this post and will benefit from the tips and references :)
Also its only a little more than a weeks time for my university exams to get over!
Cant wait for the next month to begin and you will soon know why ;)
Till the next post,
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