Bloggers Meet With Wella Kolestint

A couple of days ago I was invited by Wella Kolestint for a bloggers meet at Bungalow 9. The meet gave us a glimpse into Wella Kolestint’s latest hair color specifically aimed at Indian hair besides setting a prelude to their upcoming campaign named ‘Get Noticed Now’. Ragini Hariharan the brand representative shared the history of Wella Kolestint while the bloggers bonded over delicious food and drinks. This was followed by a dynamic one on one session with hair expert Natasha Nageamwala who floored everyone with her extreme passion towards hair and coloring. Natasha with her expertise addressed the queries and doubts that arose in the course of the meet and also accommodated a consultation session within the short span of time. As invited bloggers we all received a goody bag with a pack of hair color of our choice. In all it was a fun and interactive session giving the various bloggers of Mumbai a chance to meet under one roof.
Bipasha Basu as the brand ambassador for Wella Kolestint
Natasha Nageamwala intoducing us to the 12 stunning shades
Ragini Hariharan sharing the history of Wella Kolestint
Natasha addressing the several queries and doubts in an interactive session
Natasha elaborating on the differing hair textures and process of hair coloring

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