Of Tiara And Cupcakes

21 years ago on this very day a princess was born. Or so she liked to believe. She grew up reading, reading of other princesses and dreaming, dreaming dreams that were undreamt. Years passed, she grew into a beautiful, intelligent and a loved..erm princess. As she turns 21 today, she doesn’t feel very different from the year she turned 16. Disney movies, soppy romantic novels, cupcakes, soft toys, shoes, clothes, books, chocolates, rain, surprises, flowers, music, hearts, her little pink room in the magnificent castle and the glimmering tiara…they still bring a smile on her face.

But the princess knows, this year shall be magical. She will now step out of the castle to explore the kingdom and achieve what she always wanted to. Yes, there will be magic but no godmother. The big dreams shall be a step closer, a crown will soon replace the tiara. And the princess is prepared, to give all it takes to make her life no less than fairytale. She knows the journey is difficult but she also knows that she will bravely fight it all to eventually conquer (she’s a princess right?). And so starry eyed she’s stepping into this new year.
Don’t you want to wish her a life happily ever after?
Photography: Nikhil Nair
(Dress-Topshop, Necklace-Accesorize, Clutch-Marks and Spencer, Shoes-Bandra, Ring-Thrifted)
Yes I have risked my reputation and image with the above writeup.
I feel part stupid and part happy about this.
OK, reverse the order.
But its my birthday and isn’t there a bit of fairytale in all our lives?
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