Pimp That Ponytail

Gone are the days when pretty girls sought refuge in the humble ponytail simply when left to hit the gym, laze about on a sunny afternoon at home or indulge in household chores. The ponytail is back to make its presence felt in the fashion circuit and justifiably so. Read on as I decode three easy to achieve possibilities of pimping that ponytail stylishly this summer.

High and Sleek
Its sleek, its stylish and can help you attain that red carpet look in minutes. This style best highlights your facial features and if you think you’ve got those enviously high cheekbones or eyes that do the talking, the high and sleek ponytail is highly recommended.
Do It Yourself: Pull back your hair in a neat, high pony and straighten the lengths to achieve the sleek look. Dab on some shine serum for the glam factor and you are ready to attend that fancy dinner almost immediately after your gym session.
Makeup: Highlight you cheekbones with a bronzer or a shade of blush and emphasize on your eye makeup with a winged eyeliner.
Accessorize It: Like Heidi Klum you too can weave in a hair accessory that does not shout loud to the high and sleek ponytail.
Low and Classic
The practical low ponytail is classic and can take you from a casual to a formal event with unparalleled grace. Also this hairstyle is easy to recreate if you have shorter hair length and can’t  achieve the high and sleek ponytail.
Do It Yourself: Wear this low ponytail with your hair combed back straight and neat, experiment with a deep side partition, or flaunt your bangs with elan.
Makeup: Create a dewy look with fresh skin and a hint of gloss on your lips.
Accessorize It: Add a cutesy headband to the low and classic ponytail and accentuate your fringe.
Side and Messy
Side ponytails are big this summer and also a personal favorite. Unruly and messy mane is no longer looked down upon so rejoice girls! Celebrate the messy hairdo while this trend lasts.
Do It Yourself: Wear your ponytail low and towards the side. Now using a tong rod or a straightening iron create soft  and cascading waves on your hair length. Since you are working towards a messy look, don’t stick by rules.
Makeup: Try the smoky eyes look to compliment this hairstyle. You can also opt for a screaming pout and subtle eyes.
Accessorize It: Wear fresh flowers with your messy ponytail to create a beach look, apt for summers.
So what do you think about this reinvention of the age old ponytail?
Are you ready to tie back your hair stylishly this summer or does the rising mercury level pose no threat to your flippantly left open hair?
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