Life As I Know It

Drops of ecstatic melancholy pour. They pierce the very pores of my being. A wave of gratification marked by searing pain, a rush of thrill enveloped by faint traces of fear, a sense of belongingness preceded by preconceived  loss.

Life slides by.
My fingers run over the rugged textures, even, uneven. Threads begin to loosen and the knots slowly untie themselves, age settles in. Frayed, tattered. A reminder of the thoughts that were once mine. A bouquet of moments that shall someday be mine.
Life slides by.
Names are etched where I envisioned them to be, words are scattered like I believed they would be, letters rose hued are quietly delivered by the door mat each morning. They lay. Calm, unperturbed. The address ruthlessly scribbled indicates a journey long untraveled.
Life stops still.
Photography: Nikhil Nair
(Skirt – Topshop, Top – Globus, Belt – Forever 21 part of another dress, Sling – thrifted, Pumps – gifted by mom)

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