A Dedication

The tangible doesn’t have to be real; the real is not necessarily true. First understand fashion. Then go ahead and loathe it, efficiently. Chances are that you will either fall in love with the transience of the visible or completely fail to grasp the cycle of trends invincible. If you can’t carelessly lose yourself to the dreamlike cashmere touch of the fabric, feel the strangling words wanting to stain the tainted page, rejoice in the camouflaging colors effortlessly blending into each other, romance the soft drapes silently reliving the first stroke of brush, experience the thrill of indulging in imagery only to repeat it verbatim, or celebrate that envious streak called individualism…you, I am afraid to say, are only incompetent to appreciate life in all its splendor.

So sit back, look at the world again. But this time break free from all shackles that confine your vision.
Words and fashion; both exist because they serve a purpose, inexplicable.
Think again before you frivolously term either one as ignoble.
(Dedicated to the ignorant few, who repeatedly question the validity of my profession.)
Photography: Nikhil Nair
(Dress-Topshop, Cane bag-quaint store in Mahabaleshwer, Shoes-Thrifted)
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