Of Youth And Age

Existing is not living.

And I cannot fathom living in the present. I only breathe in this space.
As I soak the sun rays, I seek the dusky eventide.
Moonlit nights bring with them the promise of daybreak.
Sepia toned granules settle unknowingly on the newly built facades. My thoughts travel far, further than the lines drawn by today.
Youth  ceaselessly scorns the pervading omniscience, age vehemently abhors the corrosive rust.
I oscillate between the two. They belong to me. They are still mine.
I live in two worlds and exist in the third.
(For those moments when age defies youth, and youth contrasts age)
(Jumpsuit – Only, Scarf – Fashion Bombay, Shoes – Marie Claire, Bangles – assorted, Kundan Ring – gifted by aunt)
P.S: Having received a considerable number of mails in the past few months, inquiring if I would be willing to work the styling, hair & makeup for portfolios and shoots, I am glad to announce that Streak Hue Fallin collaboration with Nikhil Nair Photography will now undertake assignments for professional portfolios.
So if you are on the lookout for a stylist and photographer for your portfolio or any concept based project, shoot me a mail at streakhuefall@gmail.com!
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