A comeback of sorts

(P.s: This is going to be a long, very long post for I have too much to say! You have been warned.)
Ta-Da….guess who is back?!
Yes, Iv’e been missing in action for the longest possible time, but I have my reasons – which I will get to in the second half of the post.
Right now I *really* want to thank everyone who during this span of one month has taken time off to drop me a mail, leave behind a text message asking about the lack of updates, made rather threatening demands that I get back to blogging on twitter or abruptly stopped me at one of the events to know when the next blog post is scheduled for!
I’m not sure if I will be ever able to convey how indebted I am to you all. I always thought that most people who visit Streak Hue Fall seldom spend time reading the text and enjoy/benefit going through the outfit pictures alone. No joy can match that of waking up to readers’ mails and messages saying they miss the “poetry like fluidity of words” that precede the outfit pictures and that some of you actually visit what predominantly started as a fashion blog only to appreciate my style of writing. This for me is the most humbling experience, ever.
I am also deeply apologetic to all my fellow bloggers who have been leaving comments on the past few posts.  Why apologetic you ask? That’s cause as you may have noticed I have stopped commenting on blogs since the past two months. There were several reasons for this conscious decision.
To begin with Streak Hue Fall began and continues to be a medium of exploring my passions with no selfish motive whatsoever. However I soon realized that not everyone treats blogging in the same manner and some are here only to play the number game. Nothing annoys me more than “You follow me and I will follow you” messages. So as decided after much contemplation, I continue to follow all the blogs as I did earlier (that is religiously) – the only difference being that I don’t leave a comment behind. I do make sure to bbm, mail or tweet the blogger if I find something commendable. This somewhere pacifies me that the now for obvious reasons dwindling comments, which are left behind on the blog are only genuine and not a ‘favor’  or merely an act of reciprocation.
On the flip side I do feel accountable to all of you who leave back comments simply in the hope of having one extra comment in your blog’s comments section. I sincerely request you to NOT comment  if you don’t think there is anything worth commenting or sharing about the post. I blog cause I feel passionately about fashion and words. Your comments strengthen and motivate a dreamer and if your intentions are otherwise you now know what NOT to do. This I say at the risk of being labelled as rude, arrogant. For me, it’s being straight forward.
And finally the reason for m-i-a….August, 2011 has by far been the most phenomenal month of my life (and it’s not over yet)! It started with India International Jewellery Week, then came Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour and now wrapping it up with Lakme Fashion Week. The month has been the closest to living the once far fetched and laboriously worked towards dream.
You can check my interviews with Wendell Rodricks, Manish Malhotra or a post on behind the scenes of Lakme Fashion Week as a testimony to my valid excuse.
Ah….I’ve finally said it all in one post!! *wipes sweat off the brow*
Now to the outfit post!
Photography – Nikhil Nair
(Pants – Mango, Tank – Random store on Bandra street, Ring – Besos, Bag and Shoes – thrifted,  Sunglasses – Asos) 
For those who are here for the fashion bit I am going to blog regularly and for the ones who appreciate my writing style I will get back to that with the very next post.
I am sure I have lost a few followers with this opinionated post but I owe it all to you who make this experience worthwhile!
Much love,
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