Broken Images

Broken images –

Speak unspoken words.
Thousand images,
Shattered words.
A red speck taints the one on your left.
Your face in hundred reflections.
Silence mars the sharp edged patience.
Perched on perseverance rests futility.
Resplendent chaos jarred by beauty haunts.
Brilliance of unraveled mysteries maddens.
Slowly it begins to creep within.
Screams I see.
Noises I taste.
Shadows I hear.
But broken images –
Speak unspoken words.
Thousand images,
Shattered world.
(Photography – Nikhil Nair)
(Dress – Causeway, Bag – Thrifted, Wedges – Catwalk  *the one I spoke about here *)
I have never stuck to same hairstyle for more than two-three months. It’s either been a color change (with the frequency comparable to a chameleon’s) or a drastic haircut (layer, bangs, disconnected cut, etc). But since the past few months I’ve done nothing extraordinarily different to my hair, either cause I’m growing to love my hair length or cause the many compliments that I receive via Streak Hue Fall for my current hairstyle only make me apprehensive to opt for a change. Believe me when I say Iv’e never taken so long to chop my hair. But extreme boredom has struck. An uneven fringe is on my mind. Say what?
Much love,
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