Her Story

It was the impeccable imperfection of her tousled hair, of a wispy strand softly caressing her temple. The spark of light dancing to rhythmic tunes reflected the veiled innocence in her eyes. She caught many unaware. The chipped ends of enamel on her nails had a story to tell, a story with many faces, a story narrated in different voices.
She cared not to trim the loosening threads of her hemline….in a search they were she believed. The scarlet stain on her lips was retouched not once. The winds gushed against the drapes, they shared a camaraderie secretly. It was only when the mist kissed the fragrance from the bottle on her table, that she smelled like her.
The freckles on her nose, the mole above her earlobe, the crooked little toe….it was the imperfections that defined her beauty and the inconsistencies that enamored the mirror. Age layered, she let the lines traverse her bare skin.
Time elapsed.
She lay five feet below the ground. It was they who dressed her in immaculate white, stripped her lips naked and arranged orchids around her, perfectly. She lay calm, unperturbed. I wonder if it was still her.
Photography: Nikhil Nair
(Top – Zara, Skirt – Topshop, Bag – Esprit, Ring – Caueway, Belt – Hippies, Shoes – last worn here)
Have been obsessing over skirts, dresses and playsuits in recent months. Soon it shall be time to reach out for my cardigans and blazers, woolens and knits. That time of the year when you can play with layering and experiment with new color palettes. I love how every season allows you to reinvent your style with your existing wardrobe. I love how creativity and innovation takes basics to classic, comfort and chic with a capital c.
What’s going to be your obsession this fall/winter?
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