Who is that in a man’s shirt?

Sun pierced through the clouds and rays of light eked from the leaves. Droplets were sprinkling on the blades of grass, she had just tended to the garden. It was a bright day.

Peas, halfway cleaned, lay on the table. Radiance danced to the tunes of the fluttering curtains, the frames placed on the rich teakwood were basking in its glory. She had chosen the textured lace as the fabric for the house for this very reason. She hummed to the music playing on the radio.
– – – – –
Taking the seat by the glass panes at the café, she sipped the chilled mochachino. A book, as if a ritual customary, was flipped open. She could see the world pass by her on the bustling streets of the city. This would mark her second trip away from the country, alone.
“One is not born a woman, but becomes one.”
She read this line in fading black on the yellowing dust ridden, mottled page of Simone De Beauvoir‘s Second Sex several times. It seemed to spell a truth. Truth that sneered flagrantly, truth that was inconspicuously inconsistent.
If the inconsistency was to be challenged (she liked challenges), when was it that she first felt like a woman, she wondered.
A whirlpool of memories, almost magnetically engulfed the space around her at the ignition of this thought. Memories always have their way.
– – – – –
As the birds flew back to their nests, vermilion inked the sky.  The peas rice was cooked and the table laid. Evenings were never hers. She never had the time to stop and ponder if she liked or disliked this routine that life had planned for her. Maybe she was ignorant, maybe afraid? Like each night, the moon shone and the lamp in the bedroom was switched off. The nights too didn’t belong to her. She waited for the sun….to hum again.
Photography – Nikhil Nair
This outfit is a part of the bloggers challenge by Zovi (http://zovi.com/), the online site for men’s apparel and accessories, where I had to style an outfit using a man’s shirt. Since I had already worked the androgyny trend earlier here, this time around I took the maxi skirt route…knotting the shirt to create an interesting silhouette. Zovi makes for a promising online portal for men…right from the easy to order platform to the adorable packaging. (Check this to know what I’m talking about!)
P.s: As I had mentioned in the previous post, I’ve started an album called ‘Reader’s request – Bloopers/Behind the scenes’ on the Streak Hue Fall page.
*Thou shall not judge*
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