Black and White

Drops of toil sparkled on his face.
The thick rimmed glasses perched on his nose glared blankly.
Disheveled hair hid years behind the grey hues.
The jute bag continued to sway aimlessly from his left shoulder.
Her eyes glistened.
Sunlight gleamed on the slicked hair, center parted and plait.
Her face beamed as she played with the pleats of her checked pinafore.
The canvas backpack had her initials scribbled in red.
Clapping palms silenced.
The zari on the sari border shone blindingly to distract.
Wheels zoomed past furiously.
The cheap loose power dabbed on the face revealed glimpses of truth.
Red.  Yellow.  Green.
But there’s so much hiding behind the black and white.
(Maxi dress – Vintage, Tasseled sash – Causeway, Clustered Ring – Asos, Purse – Mom’s, Sandals – Tresmode last worn here)
Photography – Nikhil Nair
This is the first outfit post in black and white on the blog. The vintage maxi, the polka dots, the embellished clutch and the textured brick walls all seemed to scream black and white. Can’t wait to wear this versatile maxi with a bright colored blazer and thick framed spectacles the next time around!
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