She flaps her wings from dawn to dusk,
She flaps them vehemently.

In the forest air lingers the fragrance of musk,
She seeks it ardently.
Her pride is a captive, her freedom caged,
Her burning heart a slave enraged.

”Ah, the open blue sky…
….let me off, let me fly! ”

Her cries, her lament – all in vain,
Hungry but refuses the alms, the grain.


 The shackles of bondage, she wills to break the cage,
Stronger than metal, her armor – her courage.
(Tank top – Random stall at Bandra, Skirt – Veromoda, Shoes – Thrifted, Clutch – Delhi, Ring – Forever 21, On my Lips – Faces French Rose)
The moment I saw this orange skirt, I knew I had to have this piece in my wardrobe and I’m glad I made the purchase. Also during my last trip to Delhi I made sure that I made a trip to Forever 21 and boy I picked up so many accessories from there! While I love this ring in specific, you will see the rest of the pieces from the haul in the future posts!
The thought that is currently haunting my mind is ‘To join or not – a gym’. Maybe I will have decided till the next post!
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Much love,
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  1. Soumi at 8:22 pm

    ”Ah, the open blue sky…
    ….let me off, let me fly! ”
    Those are the most beautiful words I’ve come across since October!And I can’t say anything about the skirt.It’ll make me cry.It’s THAT pretty!

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