Just Another Day

 (Tank top –  last worn here, Pants – Fabindia, Bag – Thrifted, Watch – Asos, Belt – Vintage, Shoes – Thrifted, Glares – Pieces)
This outfit is nothing extraordinarily wow, just something I wore to office the other day. High waist pants, like the one I am wearing here, make for my ‘comfort wear’ when it comes to work. Simple yet stylish. Also I have been OD’ing on these oversized cat eye sunglasses ever since I’ve laid my hands on them. Talk about obsessions!
What’s your obsession when it comes to fashion?
P.s: For those who’ve been asking me about the gym dilemma I spoke about in the last post , yes I have decided to join one! Probably this weekend.

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Till the next post,
Photography – Nikhil Nair
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  1. Soumi at 8:18 pm

    That bag is thrifted!WHATAREYOUSAYING?And as much as I love this down-to-earth post(outfit wise),I DO miss your writing.It made the whole experience a lot more different.Why did you have to be so busy?*Sigh*

  2. Shoppingaholic at 3:49 pm

    Hey, just wanted to know if I can use your image for one of my posts, of course with the link back. This post is due tomorrow anytime after 12 PM CST, so please let me know by today. if possible. <3

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