A Few Lines


Beautiful thoughts traced her mind all day long.
But she patiently waited for the evenings to ink them.
She feared losing words to the light.
She wondered what it felt like to travel the world alone.
But she never dared to plan an itinerary.
For there then would remain no mystery.
The murkier the better, she thought.
Treading on a well paved path seldom feels like a jouney,
Night continued to cast its veil over her like a loyal lover,
softly caressing her blades.
But only in its absence did she bloom, beautifully.
Ask me not who my muse is.
A restless lover, a disguised face, an anonymous name.
My muse is that who oscillates between the dark and the shadow.
(Top: Gifted by Aunt – Dubai, Pants: Drama Queen, Bag: Delhi, Ring: Forever 21, On my lips: Colorbar’s Addictive Magenta)
Photography – Nikhil Nair
Yay! My favorite time of the year is almost here. I’m super excited as my room is getting renovated for Christmas. Cannot wait to set up the X’mas tree, decorate the crib, go for the midnight mass, enjoy the carols, etc etc. And as I told you earlier, this is what I am thinking of wearing for the midnight mass.
What are your plans for the New Year?
P.s: I know I haven’t been able to get back to all your mails recently. Will do so over the weekend!
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Much love,
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