A Nomad In The City

A nomad in the city, I wander through the crowded streets lit with specks of burning light. Burning with a flaming vengeance of a vagabond’s desires and at times with a jilted lover’s ruthless revenge. The concrete, the bricks, the crumbling mortar….they tower over hapless homes and oft conquer ill-fated dreams.
A nomad in the city, I walk past the obscure present and glide past the forgotten lucid times. Faces glare at blood shot eyes; eyes construe a story around wrinkled lines. The fence that separates mayhem from melee does not miss the eye of this sauntering vagrant.
A nomad in the city, I will continue to walk through the crowded streets. This space with its disintegrated intricacies belongs to me, but to now escape to the space that I belong to.

(Shorts – United Colors of Benetton, Tank top – Bandra, Belt – Last worn here, Hat – Flea market, Satchel – Gifted by mom – last worn here)

Photography – Nikhil Nair

A lot of you complained about the previous post not having any ‘writing’ by me. My apologies. But sometimes it does get a tad difficult to find time for creative writing with the hectic schedule that this city promises in lieu of chasing dreams. If only I could post everyday. Sigh.
On another note, I had long been wanting to do an outfit post ever since I got this hat. Can’t wait to exploit the charm of this grey versatile beauty!
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