I Like Words

I like faces.
I have dressed in many skins.
But it’s only with words that I share the rawness of being me.

Someday you will find me curled in a blanket of letters.
 Dress yourself in a colored shadow.
Walk past me.

You love me for who you think I am.
Love might not be the same,
If you only know who I am.

I like words.
I like words a little more than love.
To the company of words you will one day have lost me.
(Tank – Zara, Jeans – Calvin Klein, Wrap – Janpath, Cuffs – Causeway & Forever 21, Clutch – Marks and Spencer,  Shoes – Thrifted, On my lips – Colorbar’s Hot Hot Hot)
Photography: Nikhil Nair
This wrap is the most impulsive buy of all my shopping escapades. While I was a bit wary of making the purchase and experimenting (given my petite structure), I am so glad it picked it up! I love how striking and a statement making piece this is. While I kept it simple this time with denims and an accent of red, I can’t wait to wear this to a beach with my swimwear! Now if only I can plan a holiday for the same. Sigh.

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There are 15 comments for this article
  1. Apurva at 9:58 am

    You got the wrap from Janpath? 😮 And I never came across anything like this in Janpath ever.OMG….you ought to tell me where exactly in Janpath you got this from…Please Do let me know!!

    P.s. You are looking fab, especially the red pumps!! 😉

  2. Soumi at 7:14 pm

    “I like words a little more than love.
    To the company of words you will one day have lost me.”
    The best words to go to bed with.
    P.S.You look so dreamy!And I love those words so much that I dropped the idea of doing a plain Jane new year resolutions post.Only ‘writing’ on my blog from now on,no more ‘light blogging’.

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