Snapshots From The Holiday

Back from a short holiday and here are a few glimpses. Besides devouring chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, spending evenings in the pool, soaking in the sun by the beach, gorging on rich Thai food….I also managed to shop like I might not get a chance tomorrow. For now back to work and back to blogging and no complains here!
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Until the next post,
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  1. Sam B at 7:59 am

    okay firstly, where is this placeeeee? I can happily die with the sundaes and the donuts…this is soo heavenlyy…i mean the 3rd pic there just made my heart skip a beat; :( I’m soo damn jealous you have no idea.

    Anyway pardon my eccentric behavior but food does that to me, you look chic as always.

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