Tangy Tangerine

Wet strokes of prussian blue.
Sour stains of tangerine.
Drops of crimson, speckles of ivory and white.
Until the violet spills.
And the silver swivels and seeps.
 A blob of chrome soulfully finds its space in this kaleidoscopic riot.
Colored feathers continue to leave their shadows behind.
You and I.
Let’s pluck these shades and drop them in our weaved baskets.
(Top – borrowed stolen from sister, Feather earrings – Streak Hue Fall, Jeans: Only, Bag: Last worn here)
Photography – Nikita Mhatre
This is probably only the second time that I have worn jeans on the blog (first time was here). That’s simply because I am not a jeans person and turn to my denims only once in a blue moon. Ok, make that two. Have been loving bright colors and neons lately and even when wearing pastels and nudes, I inevitably end up painting my pout in a bright fuchsia or coral.
What are you OD’ing over?

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Till the next post,
There are 9 comments for this article
  1. Soumi at 1:55 pm

    I missed you,I missed you so much! I LOVE the top! You found a new photographer! Good for you! Sucks for Nikhil! 😛
    My nightmares have always been tangerine. Too bright to calm me down.

  2. chp_dzn at 10:21 am

    We love not only the way you style your clothes but also what you write.
    It’s only the 2nd time you have worn jeans on your blog! That’s shocking! :O

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