All That Could Be

I spent the dawn questioning what could be and what is. The light filtered through the grilled windows, penetrated unadulterated, to create dancing patterns on the wall. I wanted to be everything that you thought could be.
The word that never reached the curve of your lips. The vision that quietly nestles in some corner of you. I yearned to embody the dreams that continue to rest by your sheets every night.
The liquid magic of sparkling drops, I craved to run down your sharp jawline and on days I melted to quiver on your parched throat.
The note that you had never struck, the chord that you were reluctant to play. I wanted to break into a soulful symphony that would echo as you someday walked down the winding road.
The bud that never bloomed, the blade that refused to wither. I hopelessly wished to be the hug that you had never embraced.
I spent the night calculating figures that rose from the depths of long forgotten memories. They spoke in a language articulate. They fought against the two beings.
Love eventually outnumbered what could be and what is.
(Top – Bangkok, Skirt – Vintage Store in Hua Hin, Oversize clutch – Pieces, Ring – Thrifted, Shoes – Thailand Chatuchak Market, On my lips – Colorbar’s Addictive Magenta last worn here)
Photography: Nikhil Nair
It’s been rather long that I did an outfit post. However Nikhil is back in Bombay and have got a lot of of posts lined up now. Also, over the weekend I worked the styling, hair and makeup for an ad campaign. Can’t wait to share the final result with you all.
P.s: How do you like the new header?

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  1. Soumi at 4:13 pm

    I LOVE the header! And love DID outnumber what could be and what is,huh? I wonder how that feels. In my case,it’s numbness.
    P.S.Lend me the blouse for my honeymoon if I ever get married,will you?;-)

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