Seeing Red

Rubbing against each other’s burning passions. Against the peeling paint that reeks of muted words. Silence disturbed by running fingers. Like the crisp tracing of printed words on yellow textured sheets.
A jerk, a pull. Closer. Like an unexpected end to a stanza and an unforeseen beginning to the next line. A sting that leaves a searing pain on the curve of a quivering petal. Until burnt, charcoal-like.
Holier than holy and at times tad sinful than sin. Smoke fuzzed off the oil lamp hanging at end of the street. Claws dig deep. Deeper. To reach the innermost secrets that will soon be made bare.
Five tentacles. Smoke forms a star.
Night settles in. 

(Red denims – Zara, Tank Top – Old, Cropped Top – Thailand, Stacks – Forever 21, Clutch – Candies Garage Sale)
Photography – Nikhil Nair
I wore my red palazzos only recently but then these red denims still manage to add a whole new dimension to the colored bottoms trend that I absolutely love. Have got ’em in almost all shades and different styles. Besides cropped tops are my ultimate favorite this summer, though I know not many are a fan of this piece. Also how pretty is that clutch I managed to spot at the Candies garage sale (proceeds of which are used for charitable purposes)?!

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There are 7 comments for this article
  1. Imsu at 11:50 am

    I love your hair, Kavya! And I’ll join you with your fondness for crop tops. Also, I forgot to comment on the other post that I absolutely adore your red palazzos! :)


  2. miffalicious at 12:24 pm

    Hello hello, Kavya! You look so fine, you blow my mind! Cheesiness aside, I love the layering you did with the cropped top there, plus it adds a casual chic look to your whole image! Nice! Also, please do a post on hair maintenance since your looks all different kinds of amazing here.

    Love, Miffalicious []

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