I have been obsessed about all things hair for years now. That perhaps explains why I went ahead to pursue a diploma in hairstyling and then started practicing as a freelance hairstylist. Many of you left comments in the previous posts asking me to do a post on hair-care and mailed me inquiring about the various products I use. So here’s a post featuring some of my personal favorites.

1) Dove Daily Shine Shampoo and Conditioner
I am a hoarder of shampoos and conditioners and always have a minimum of three-four brands to switch between. However, Dove Daily Shine range is an absolute favorite and I’ve been using this product for more than a year now. Love how it replenishes the moisture without weighing my hair down.
2) Sunsilk Keratinology Detoxifying Shampoo and Sunsilk Keratinology Express Treatment Conditioner
I first colored my hair when I was quite young and since then there has been no looking back. The Keratinology range by Sunsilk is a premium range that helps the salon look last longer. I love how the detoxifying shampoo does exactly what it suggests. Not overwhelmingly perfumed, this shampoo-conditioner combo leaves your scalp feeling clean and hair looking healthy.
3) Boots Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner
It’s a pity that Boots products aren’t available in India. I picked these when traveling recently and quite love the result. This range is perfect for those with dry hair as the conditioner provides intense moisturization and you needn’t reach out for your leave-in conditioner after treating your tresses to this.
4) Inecto Pure Coconut Moisture Infusing Conditioner
This one smells simply divine! Let me admit, I turn to this product when I’m feeling particularly blue as its aroma can quite liven up anyone’s spirit while the happy head it promises is enough to save the day. Again, purchased while traveling. Not sure if it’s available in India.
5) Toni & Guy Leave-In Conditioner
This product is a life saver, made of all things that can miraculously turn a bad hair day to a oh-so-many-compliments-for-my-hair day. You can use it on damp hair immediately after wash if you battle unruly mane on an everyday basis, or nourish your dry hair with a dollop only when needed (like I do).
6) Keratinology Heat Protection Spray
I occasionally do treat abuse my hair to heat styling products like straighteners and curlers. This product is great before using any styling equipment as it forms a protective layer whilst preventing any damage and breakage. Also, unlike most other heat protector sprays, this one is really light on the hair. Win.
7) Nova Natural Hold Styling Mousse
I came across this product quite by chance as a day before a hair-styling assignment, I couldn’t find the mousse I usually rely on. Not mind-blowingly-awesome, but does the job of a good mousse reasonably well.
8) Shwarzkopf Power Hair Lacquer
Another find. This spray holds the craziest of the hairstyles I work for shoots. It didn’t let me down on a Law of Gravity themed shoot. (It’s for you now to estimate its holding capability!) Not sure how fab it is for personal use, but great for elaborate hair-dos.
9) Sunsilk Keratinology Hair Spa Mask and Dual Treatment Shots
Saving the best for the last, this Keratinolgy Hair Spa Mask looks absolutely delish and smells even more yum. And for those of you who love hair spas, this product is a must buy (the entire Keratinology range actually is!) because it leaves my hair unbelievably smooth and shiny in a matter of minutes. Treat the dual power shots as an instant two way step to shiny mane. Oh, hello gorgeous hair!
What are some of your favorites?

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