A Slice Of Life

Photography: Nikita Mhatre
Disclaimer: This still remains a fashion, beauty and personal style blog.
I simply thought that it would be nice to break the monotony of outfit posts and share with you a different perspective of life. Recently I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. Each time I pack my bags I look forward to a varied experience that I am aware will be unmatched even if I want to measure the same path again.
Culture, food, beliefs, apparel, colors, aroma, lessons, monuments, water, music, colors, literature, seasons and most importantly reading people. There’s a lot yet to explore.

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Till the next outfit post,
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  1. miffalicious at 12:36 pm

    Tell me about the travel bug, Kavya. I’ve been living out of the suitcase for the past four years of my life, and it has been one of the craziest and unforgettable experiences as of yet. Where did you last go to? And you are looking lovely, as usual.

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