Mossy Musings

It all transpired
against the bricks. The letters were etched
on rock with a pebble. A hundred different skies
and a thousand winds since then
have swept by. All that
now remains
is mossy


(Green maxi – Gifted by mom, Clutch – Last worn here, Gold spike bracelets and translucent cuffs – Blur, Kada – Grandmom’s, Kundan Ring – Last worn here, Arm cuff – Goa)
Photography: Nikhil Nair
I like love maxi dresses. There’s this femininity that defines a maxi, even surpassing the grace of a dress, that has me gravitating towards it. And the best part? You can style it in so many different ways! I am also OD’ing on statement jewelery currently. My arm cuffs are close to becoming everyday staple accessories and these gold spike bracelets are the best conversation starters.
Will I be seeing any of you at Lakme Fashion Week? If yes, do come and say a hi!

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Till the next post,
There are 11 comments for this article
  1. Priya Adivarekar at 2:01 pm

    I love the title of this post! Also, you look amazing in that green maxi. The accessories look gorgeous on you.
    PS: I would have bumped into you at the LFW, but my lecture timings are just too cruel. (Being a fellow xavierite, I am sure you will understand).
    Hope to see you soon at some other event. Much love

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