Lost in Translation

Between the quick glances,
behind the supressed smiles.
Before the prologue,
long after the epilogue.
We began our story with the end.
A part of you, a piece of me.
We lost each other in translation.

(Maxi skirt: Bangkok, Top: Asos, Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: Vinegar, Sunglasses: Aldo, Watch: Mom’s, Sparrow cuff: Causeway, Velvet Sling: Janpath)
Photography: Nikhil Nair
I clearly love my maxis, with or without a twist. Since I’m vertically challenged, these maxi skirts and dresses help create the illusion of height and thus, what’s not to love?! Also, I’m quite becoming the online shoppaholic. Blame the Mumbai muck and rain! These Aldo sunglasses are a new favourite that I ordered online again. With such a vast collection of sunglasses, slashed rates and the option of cash on delivery at Majorbrands.in, a girl must indulge. Speaking of indulgences, I just got myself some new candy coloured love from La Senza’s latest collection, aptly titled ‘Show Off’ last evening. If bitten by the online shopping bug like me, you can skip visiting the store and shop the range here
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