The Half Moon

I’m not a nail art person and I like my nails neatly painted in a single classic shade. However, the half moon manicure seemed like an exception to my manicure manifesto. Having seen this trend on the runway, editorials and the red carpet I decided that it was definitely worth giving a try.
Here’s a step by step guide to the half moon manicure-
1) Get your manicure kit out and trim and file your nails. I chose the Lakme Fast and Fabulous range for this DIY as besides the yum colors the line offers, this nail paint (as they rightly claim) dries in 40sec flat! For someone like me who lacks the virtue of patience, this range seems heaven sent. Besides, most DIYs require two-three coats of application and a good nail paint like this ensures that the task is mess free.

2) Apply your choice of nail color. Two coats would be preferable so that that color looks consistently even and bright.

3) Once you’re done with the base application and it has dried completely stick reinforcement stickers onto your nails. Since I didn’t have them at home, I simply cut the usual scotch tape in the desired shape.

4Apply a contrasting shade of your choice through the reinforcement sticker and color block or use a metallic color like I did. Let it dry well and peel off the sticker.

5) Repeat this step on all the nails and you have your half moon manicure done!

(All nail paints: Lakme Fast and Fabulous, Manicure Kit: Forever21, Hand Cream: L’Occitane)
What do you think about the half moon manicure? You can also try the inverted half moon that’s quite a rage right now.
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