Dark Florals

(Maxi: Stolen from a bestie’s wardrobe for the last holiday)
Photography – Nikita Mhatre
My weakness for all things maxi continues with this post. But dark florals are such a great way to make a transition to winter. Pair this with some colored lips, bling and maybe a sequinned clutch and you are good to go. Can’t wait for the temperatures to drop to wear all my blazers in rotation.
Also, I’m having my first ever exhibition of clothes and accessories curated from all my travels in the recent times on 1st and 2nd Dec in Bombay. More details on facebook page soon. What to expect? Sequins, some more sequins and a lot more sequins, animal motif tops, sheer tops, maxi dresses, tweed skirts, blazers and statement jewelry. I will be present at the stall all though the two days. So do drop by and stay tuned for a glimpse of the pieces here. Besides some fabulous buys in store for you, I would love to see you all.
You can follow me on Instagram @kavyadsouza for updates and more!
Till the next post,
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  1. miffalicious at 10:21 am

    This is gorgeous, and yay, an exhibition! That’s so fantastic K, I’m massively excited for you :) Save me some pieces and I’ll buy them from you when I see you (SOON SOON SOON!!)

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

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