I have written so many letters to you.
Letters where I carefully chose words. Words that attempted to contain in their brevity the ginormous world, crashing. Letters where I contemplated and considered, considered and dismissed. Letters that dissolved hours in soluble minutes. I once spent the fall fussing over the right punctuation mark. A pause that captured the frozen time, an end that disguised awe as surprise.
I have written so many letters to you.
Letters that spoke of an early dawn and the impending dusk. Letters where I smeared my deepest secrets on the face of shame. Told you how I envied the mole on her neck and complained about my crooked tiny toe. I wrote some by the window and some still drenched after the shower. Some I wrote by the banks of the river.
I have written so many letters to you.
Letters where my stinging pain hummed a sonorous tune, where my leaping joy matched the decibels of a gong.
I have written and rewritten so many letters to you.
Now to ink the parchment and someday post them, duly stamped with hope.

(Top: Old, Necklace: C/O Chic Accessorizer)
Photography – Nikita Mhatre
Shot these images indoor late one night – unedited and not photoshopped now up on the blog. 
This beautiful neck piece was sent over to me by Pooja from Chic Accessorizer who has only recently started her online store. So hop over and check her collection for you are definitely bound to find a splurge worthy piece there.
In other news, if you follow me on facebook you will know that Streak Hue Fall completed two years a couple of days ago. *breaks into a little dance* A big thank you to you all.
You can follow me on Instagram @kavyadsouza for updates and more!
Till the next post,
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