Hey there, 2013!

Waves lash against the rocks.
They sweep back against the sand.
Followed the ebb and flow of many moons.
Waves still lash against the rocks.
They continue to sweep back against the sand.

2320121229_140123 (2)5678

This wasn’t meant to be an outfit post, let alone the idea of publishing these images on blog. Just some pictures clicked off my phone before the last sunset of 2012. But I guess that’s what made these images special besides the fact that they capture my current state of mind perfectly. Enough of a reason to prompt me to file this piece. 
Happy New Year y’all :)
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  1. Soumi at 9:53 pm

    Happy New Year,Kavya! And as far as the pictures not being for an outfit post is concerned,well,that’s what that makes them the most beautiful pictures ever! Effortless and unplanned things are the most perfect ones,aren’t they?

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