Life Happens


Repeated hitting of snooze button on the alarm clock. A forgotten prayer. The almost mechanical routine of brushing while making a mental to-do list. The five minutes spent frowning in front of an open wardrobe. The washing down of breakfast with a diabetic glass of juice. A few seconds of mindless vanity. The touching of altar before stepping out. Reckless goodbyes. Everyday frowns at traffic signals. Stolen moments that bring a smile. The swiping of entry cards at glass buildings. The involuntary breathing of claustrophobic air. The cherished two minute calls. Sound of pen striking off the numbered tasks. The silently brushed aside whys and what-ifs. The buzzing notifications on phone. The auto-reply to mails with a signature of pretense. The thrill of adding some more books to the reading list. Endless mugs of green tea. The conscious effort to update the virtual world. Many lost sunsets. Plugged in ear phones. Wandering thoughts. A sense of achievement. Frail hands begging at glass windows. A twinge of guilt. Some disappointments. The warmth of home. The sinking in bed and that sinking feeling. Aromas wafting from the kitchen. Careless smiles. The penning of dreams on textured paper. Loud banter.  Anecdotes shared at the dining table. The slipping into a blanket in dark. The loss of another day gone. Twinkling fairy lights. The gratitude of being blessed with that thing called love. The fear of goals still to be met. Pressing deadlines of the day that’s yet to dawn. Hopes mumbled as words with hands folded. Starry skies. A burst of tangerine. And between all this life happens.
(Maxi Dress: Designed by bestie Sneha Advani, Ring: Blur Accessories)

Photography – Nikita Mhatre 

This month has been spent thinking and over-thinking, procrastinating and questioning, existing and living. I would be lying if I said I missed blogging in the month gone. I didn’t. But I would also be lying if I said I don’t feel good filing this post right now.

Till the next post,


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  1. miffalicious at 3:05 pm

    I loved what you wrote here. Perfect capturing of most of our realities, K. And yet, life goes on doesn’t it? Dreams are achieved. The such.

    You are looking prettier by the day.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

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