A Time Warp


Pinned photographs on an old soft board
A blur of maddening lights
Intriguing faces
Rusted cork and bottled sand
First ticket to the opera
Towering heights
Broken half of the once dear key chain
Azure skies and speeding wheels
Forgotten names
Aromatic fusion of local delicacies
An oversize shirt and frayed denims
Endearing anonymity
Pressed leaves and tattered pages
Dreams zipped in a bulging suitcase
A time warp


(Top – Thrifted, Shorts – UCB Last worn here, Sunglasses – Aldo Last worn here, Hat – Bandra)
After Thailand, Delhi, Goa…here’s an outfit post on Streak Hue Fall from Dubai! 
These pictures were quickly shot during a pit stop at Palm Jumeirah (which is absolutely beauuu-t-i-f-u-l). From visiting iconic locations to absorbing the scenic views, binging on calorie laden food to endless hours spent shopping…the ten days that made this holiday were truly memorable.
Till the next post,
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  1. Soumi at 12:09 pm

    Kavya,I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve been missed! Why do you go on such long breaks,girl? I know you’re unbelievably busy but we miss you,babe! Missed your poignant words and that smile…

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