#Just5Mins with Nivea Total Face Cleanup

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have already come across my #Just5Mins tweets. The whole #Just5Mins hoopla was around the Nivea Total Face Cleanup launched by Parineeti Chopra. At the event, the Ishaqzaade girl revealed how when she says ‘5 minutes’ she means it when talking about this new product. 
Now, it’s no hidden fact that there ceases to exist a term that’s used as flippantly as ‘Just 5 minutes’ and it’s probably one of the most used overused adage in the history of procrastination. However, got to love it when path breaking innovations in beauty/haircare are amply supported and driven by meticulously structured digital plans. Like the launch of http://just5mins.in 
5 benefits in 5 minutes. A far claim by the brand? What if we reach a conclusion together? Here’s the deal. While you can stay tuned to find out my verdict in a product review post coming up soon on the blog, how about asking for your free Nivea Total Face Cleanup sample and experiencing the product for yourself too? We can then collectively share our experiences and unanimously rate the product.  
Simply fill in your details and claim your free sample of Nivea Total Face Cleanup here. You can also participate in the “5 minutes to beauty story” running on the portal to win an evening out with Parineeti Chopra. 
Here’s to the winsome power of digital space and the future with almost minimal barriers between blogs and the readers!
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