Chase Your Dreams – Streak Hue Fall turns 3!

They want you to stop. Don’t believe them. Those seemingly quivering voices have their way more often than not. The laid dogmas, the obvious choices, the shackles of expectations, the unwritten rules, the already charted story lines backed by unanimous agreement, the undying need to constantly appease…it’s easy to get caught in the rut and it’s easier to stop and give up.
They will never fail to remind you about the impracticality of your dream and they will always pause to tell you that’s not how it should be done. They also have a certain affinity towards numbers. Tell them those years will pass anyway. They don’t see how beauty can hold the power to liberate, let alone achingly torment. They measure beauty within physical realms. It’s a pity that they will have never experienced a sense of incompetence induced by an inanimate piece of magnificient beauty.
They will convince you that acceptance is the biggest virtue and they will warn you against sailing a little too close to the wind. Tell them that sometimes saying a no takes greater courage.They will reiterate with an unfailing sense of inadmissible guilt, often disguised as pride, how the ‘right decisions’ brought them inadvertent success. It’s a misfortune that your actualised victories will always be beyond them.
They veil regret as a product of their past circumstances and forced choices. They don’t understand how the impact of the psychology of regret is often underestimated. Tell them regret as a defence mechanism is not a part of your story. They will cloud your perceptions and they will question the very validity of your passions. It’s a shame that they will have never tasted the zenith of unadulterated accomplishment.
They want you to stop. And at some point you may start believing them. Those seemingly quivering voices have their way more often than not.
But while the fire in you still crackles and roars, while your gut refuse to settle for anything average, while your thirst to excel and achieve leaves you sleepless for nights, while your passion is made of legendary convictions, while no dream looks too distant to achieve and while a voice within silently encourages the surmounting expectations…just don’t stop.
(Dress – Asos, Pearls stack – Forever 21, Cuff – Dubai)
Photography – Nikita Mhatre
Streak Hue Fall turns three today!
It’s difficult to begin to express how indebted I feel to all the choices and decisions that I have taken in the last five years. Some decisions were a conscious effort that I knew would contribute towards the eventual realisation of a bigger dream while some were risks that I knew would be worth the opposition. And finally after all these years I today find myself in a place where I can comfortably disregard the conventions to fearlessly embrace what I believe in.
While the choices I made then are serving me today just as I reckoned, I have realised that dreams come with no full stops. When some dreams manifest into reality, bigger dreams with bigger risks and louder voices opposing them take their place instead. All I’m glad about is that I made a start right then. We often ignore but we all know what we truly desire. It’s only about working towards it with a single minded approach. If there’s a dream that haunts you, chase it till it’s yours. Chances are it will give you back more than you expected and besides, you never want to face the dreaded “If only I had….” syndrome in this lifetime.
As clichéd it may sound, I know for a fact that the phenomenal last three years wouldn’t have been possible if you didn’t get here to read/see the pictures. A massive thank you! You all have been a part of someone’s one of the many dreams.
Till the next post,
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  1. Soumi at 5:42 pm

    Your blog is much more than just a blog I love. It has played a bigger role in shaping me as a person than some of my Engineering papers have. Your blog emboldened me and allowed me to dream. My blog’s b’day is somewhere nearby,a few months after that of yours. I don’t celebrate because I’m not the biggest believer in dates and already have too many dates to celebrate and drag. And of course,as usual,I know exactly what you mean.

  2. simple girl..... at 12:56 pm

    a lovely blog you have.. Honestly I wanted to thank you for this particular post. It has so much power. It is helping me hang on despite all the negativity around, hang on and not give up on my dreams.. wish you all the love and success kavya…

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