Sweatshirt Love

(Sweatshirt – Hill Road, Maxi Skirt – Asos, Red ring – Lifestyle, Stacked Rings and Earrings – Blur, Shell Ring – Kerala)
Photography – Nikhil Nair
Change is good. A few years ago I would have never imagined myself in a sweatshirt, let alone the idea of teaming it up with a maxi skirt! Not sure if it’s a part of growing up and being more open to change in the process or the active consumption of international fashion trends via blogs, magazines, etc that has contributed to this open-minded approach towards fashion. However, the more I think I realise that it’s probably the need to no longer fit in a mould (unlike the college days!) besides the comfort level and confidence that seeps in once you’ve finally found your personal style statement. Sartorial risks are a lot more fun then. This blog obviously acts as a catalyst too in wanting to change things up occasionally and experimenting within the realm of what truly defines me.
Speaking of change, going the curly way with my hair this winter.
How do you feel about change when it comes to fashion?
Till the next post,
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  1. Soumi at 9:44 pm

    Oh, you have mixed the boho chic with the statement earrings perfectly! Loving every bit of it. Coming to change,status quo annoys me to no end but somehow, when it comes to fashion, I tend to be very slow with my transition, if not resistant. Wish you a very very happy 2014,sweetie!

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